MMA’s technical consultant business objective is to be the partner of choice for high value consultancy services to the events industry, adding value by delivering innovative solutions, having a practical hands-on approach and utilising the wealth of knowledge and experience of our team to provide a solution for our customers.


MMA’s mission is to solve challenging technical problems in partnership with its clients. MMA acknowledges that every project is unique and requires complete understanding before any technical solutions are applied. We understand that how technology can be used as a resource to make businesses more efficient and profitable.


MMA’s knowledge comes from being associated with the industry for 3 decades but also by actually working in these venues on a multitude of different events accumulating valuable information for the benefits of clients.

Customer experience

Whatever the event whether it is a conference, exhibition, convention, launch – the key is about creating that memorable experience. The experience must incorporate that wow element to really make it memorable. It’s the ‘I want to come back’ experience and you have one chance to perform.


MMA have worked in numerous venues, concert halls, hotels, conference venues, exhibitions halls, international convention centres and stadiums around the globe.
We have viewed venues from many different sides – transport drivers, crews, local crews, clients, production teams, lighting, sound and video technicians, scenic carpenters, designers, producers, directors – collecting information as to how the venue performed. This wealth of knowledge is passed on through to the client.


MMA’s team is made up of an energetic bunch of highly skilled technicians, engineers, designers and producers that thrive on excellence. There is a huge amount of passion and focused dedication to this industry.
The team has an unrivalled sense of enjoyment and brilliant sense of humour which is creates a welcoming atmosphere on-site.
This company has evolved by being the end user working in numerous venues across the globe. Venues are predominately designed by architects and not by the end user. We know what does not work in venues and more importantly we know what does work!

Our team are our main asset. They are great people to know, one hundred percent reliable, will always go that extra mile and add that element of fun when on-site.

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