Creative Lighting

Creative lighting

Creative lighting gives a unique atmosphere, providing depth, mood and a special aura that enhances points of focus. Our team of experienced specialists are dynamic, passionate and driven to produce designs that are personal to your project.

Attention to detail is paramount to us. We can provide the complete solution or any element – designing, specifying, supplying, installing or commissioning.

It is not just the end lighting design but it is the whole experience from the start to the end that is important. Most clients have some form of vision. From the moment we interpret the brief to the final commissioning stage we can stay with you step by step and can also provide associated resources within the building industry to assist you with your project.

Specialists in:

  • LED lighting
  • Wireless lighting systems
  • Moving lights
  • Domestic home LED lighting
  • Garden illumination
  • Commercial lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Event lighting
  • Stage lighting
  • Conference lighting
  • Exhibition lighting

Lighting technical consultants & engineers

MMA have experienced lighting technicians who can advise / provide the client with a complete unbiased overview of your property. This report can cover many categories such as advice on existing running costs, the manufacture of the existing lamps, starters, ballasts, transformers, drivers through to recommendations where lamps require changing over for a more efficient model

Energy saving reports and practices

MMA can provide assistance and advice as to where potential energy savings could be achieved within your existing premises.

A growing trend is to retro fit superior LED lamps into existing light fittings. This is a case of gently educating the client to the benefits of LED whether this be lower energy costs, reduced maintenance through to less produced heat. It’s about investing in the future.

Reducing lighting maintenance

MMA can supply a maintenance team to supply and fit new lamps in your premises. We are able to look after and maintain your existing system to keep it operating and functioning efficiently.

A lighting system that has not been regularly maintained looks so unprofessional and not only sends out the wrong message but sometimes will cost more power to operate if there are transformers, drivers, starters and ballasts involved.

Dynamic project management

MMA is a small outfit but with a vast knowledge of project management. We have first-hand experience working within the events industry over the last 20+ years.

The most important element is the detailed pre-planning before any project commences. Good communication and good understanding are absolutely vital. By working side by side with the client we can pre-empt any potential problems or issues and provide efficient working solutions.


Cool operating

LEDs produce very little heat. They are more efficient and cause less damaged when being used to illuminate such items as clothing, food, painting for example because less IR and UV is produced.

Colour rendering

LEDs can produce any colour within the spectrum RGB colour mixing. Colouring the light output of incandescent lamps requires either colour diachroic glass or theatrical colour filters.


One of the main benefits of LED is energy saving because they operate at 75% efficiency.


LEDs can be dimmed easily.


LEDs produce more light per watt than incandescent lamps making them 75% more efficient compared that to the 6% efficiency of a standard incandescent.


LEDs are mercury and lead free, which assists greatly towards the environment.


LEDs. 25,000 through to 50,000 hours.

CFL lamps. (Compact fluorescent light bulbs) 6,000 – 15,000 hours

Fluorescent tubes. 10,000 to 15,000 hours

Incandescent lamps. 1,000 to 3,000 hours

Response time

LEDs are more efficient at responding to being switched on and off at regular intervals.


LEDs operate at low temperatures and require very little current which in turn produces less heat and less energy. LEDs are subject to very limited wear.


LEDs are often smaller than incandescent lamps depending on their output.

Slow failure

LEDs tend to slowly change their colour temperature output when coming to their end of their life rather than burning out.

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